If Looks Were a Criteria; I Bet You These Five People Would Have Lost Their Election —–BY YASIN


: See if your governor is among: – Top 5 Countdown: Ugliest Governors in Nigeria.

This is just about one of those few posts about politicians that is NOT about politics, but rather about aesthetics. I woke up this morning and found myself wondering and pondering about the importance of looks. Humans have been known to attach so much importance to looks. Our looks have to, a great extent, defined our occupation, strata, hobbies, attitudes, interests, and even our friends.

You will all agree with me, that many at times, cute people end up as models, housewives or Mamy waters; huge people end up as weightlifters, drummers, club bouncers or wrestlers; short people end up as rappers, presenters or bloggers; tall people end up as electricians or Basketballers; and ugly people end up as horror movie stars, thieves, lawyers, lecturers, men of the force or politicians.

Yes politicians!

But wait o, come to think of it, is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that ugliness is gradually evolving as one of the criteria for running for a political office? Does ugliness come with a special political charisma? Or are we not just paying attention?

To Soil my curiosity, I decided to write this article, revealing my top 5 ugliest governors in Nigeria. *Come on guys! someone gotta do this… I mean… Governors have been graded on several other yardsticks. If I Go Die can throw thick Jabs at OBJ and other seating presidents “for fun” and walk away with it, this shouldn’t be a problem. Again, it’s strictly for fun, read, laugh and tell me whether or not you agree with my list.*

*Sighs, OK, Here we go!

*#5. Chief Dr. Samuel Ioraer Orton of Benue*


He is a former farmer, and businessman turned politician. His personal achievements, especially in the early part of his life are no doubt inspirational; he is the icon of struggle, but for what it’s worth… He had to make the list! *winks

#4. Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole of Edo State*


In 2012, He was elected for a second term as the Governor of Edo State; a Comrade amongst comrades! The epitome of struggle! You are an inspiration sir! You are also #4 sir, Lmaoo. Now… I am friends with so many Edo people on Facebook, they can be very cute ehn… especially the ladies *winks.

#3. Henry Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State*


This icon has managed to make London out of Akwa Ibom state… But he has two reasons to be on this list; he’s a lawyer and a politician as well. Kikikiki.

#2. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano state*


Of a Fulani descent, Ganduje is a two-term former Deputy Governor of Kano State. Of a Fulani descent, Ganduje was selected as the consensus candidate to succeed Kwankwaso as Governor of Kano State on 28 November 2014. Of a Fulani descent, he is the leader of today’s Gandujiyya movement in Kano. Wondering I keep on repeating the maxims “of a Fulani descent” abi? Well it’s because Fulanis are widely believed to be one of the finest group of people in Nigeria. I think he owes us all an explanation, hohoho.

#1. Yahaya Bello*


You know what guys? Rather than writing a caption, I’ll rather take a moment and laugh as we share more pictures of our #1 for today’s count down. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


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