Anyigba Oldest Goat Finally Gave up the Ghost

It sounds or look funny to some people but it’s worthy of note. Have we ever wondered why we haven’t found ourselves in the Guinness book of records? It’s because  we neglect those things that ought to put us there.

History has it that the oldest goat ever lived was McGinty it lived for 22years 5months but today a goat called Mama Goat in Anyigba Kogi State died at 34 years 11 months and 23days breaking the records of McGinty. I do hope this finds it’s way to the Guinness world records.

The goat called Mama Goat, owned by Hajia Rekiat, died at her residence, somewhere along Agala-Ogane road Anyigba Kogi State, in the Dekina Local government area. The goat died after a brief illness suspected to be from old age.

Hajia Rekiat who confirmed that she bought the goat with her first salary at the then Benue State now Kogi State civil service in appreciation to her first pay will be retiring in March 1st, 2017 said that her father who was a hunter reared so many animals but never has she seen or heard of any animal who clucked 20 talk more of attaining such age as Mama G.

She expressed sadness adding that …. CONTINUE HERE


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