Kogi Governor on the right track- Aide

Kogi State Governor, Alh. Yahaya Bello has been described as a man who was well prepared for 21st century leadership as he strives to become the best Governor ever in the history of the State. Addressing journalists in Lokoja, Wednesday, the Director General on Media and Publicity to the Governor, Kingsley Fanwo said those who think the Governor was an accidental Governor are “bereft of how the Governor has developed his leadership skills over the years”.
Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State According to the Governor’s spokesman, events of the past thirteen months is beginning to “sound an unmistakable death knell on the politics of the pot for the few”, insisting that the monumental achievements of the Governor in just over a year in office, is an indication of his intent to break records, affect lives and become the “best ever” in the history of the state.

“I am sure the American Ambassador was impressed by what he saw in Kogi and most importantly, the hunger in the eyes of the Governor to put the state on the right track. American Ambassadors don’t go to every place. They go to where there is the right drive for development and human empowerment. The significance of his visit has dawn on those who never believed in what we are doing. They have been forced to look at us and appreciate what the Governor is doing to develop the state”.

The image maker said the decision of the American Government to subscribe to the New Direction Blueprint is “novel and demonstrates the practicability of the Blueprint to take the state off the wood and hopelessness”, urging the opponents of the Governor to “key into the resilient belief of the present administration in building a prosperous Kogi State”. “The Governor has said it many times that forty eight months is too short to combine work and distraction, insisting that the best response to people who have no faith in his generation is to ceaselessly deliver the good. That is what he has concentrated on and that is what we expect every patriotic Kogite to collaborate in achieving. “The welfare of Kogites is of higher priority to Government than politics, hence, the resolve of the Governor to avoid distraction and continue to deliver democracy dividends to the people. He is confounding his detractors with solid performance.

Lokoja township roads are better, our environments are cleaner, we have delivered the Kogi State Revenue House, SDG House, water projects, road projects, accessible and affordable healthcare delivery as well as spark agricultural revolution”. Fanwo urged opponents to become part of the unfolding history in Kogi State by joining hands to make the state a better place for all, saying the staff verification exercise will be concluded this month and those who scale through the appeals hurdles will be paid all their entitlements. “Government has been committed to payment of salaries to workers who were verified to be genuinely on the payrolls. We are not ruling out a few omissions which the Salaries Reconciliation Committee is currently sorting out. About 1.3 billion naira was also rolled out to pay Kogi pensioners. The Governor wants our senior citizens to continue to live a good life after retirement. “The task of repositioning the State Civil Service is popular in the state. The villagers know there are no teachers to teach their children despite having twenty teachers on the payrolls ostensibly attached to such school. The people have volunteered information leading to the discovery of many ghost workers in the state. “The reality here is in contrast to the massive propaganda by the Abuja politicians who are strange to the new style of leadership in the state which considers the people as the centre of governance. The Governor will welcome his critics the moment they begin to see things from the perspective of Kogi First”. The Director General urged the people of the state to key into the various healthcare programs of government which are aimed at improving their well-being, assuring the people of the commitment of the Governor to continue to see the welfare of the people as his responsibility.

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